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Review and Impressions of the SURED Conference

The attached video provides some exciting and funny insights and anecdotes from researchers who have participated in the SURED Conference since its inception in 2004 by Lucas Bretschger and Sjak Smulders. Moreover, the video underlines the high scientific importance the conference has built up over the years within the community of environmental and resource economists. It is to be hoped that the conference will be continued in the coming years.

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SURED Conference

Future of Resource Economics

external pageInterview with Lucas Bretschger about research, politics, and the future.


Lucas Bretschger awarded the "Golden Owl" 2021

The Golden Owl honours lecturers who have provided exceptional teaching and motivates them to continue with their excellent teaching. The Owl is awarded by the VSETH, ETH Zurich’s students association, who are also the initiators of the award. All ETH members with a teaching assignment can be nominated for the Golden Owl. One lecturer per department is selected for this honour.

Economics for Net-Zero Emissions (ENZE)

Since January 2021, RESEC is part of ENZE, which is a new Joint Initiative by EAWAG, CER-ETH, and WSL, with a focus on the goal of climate neutrality. You can find more information about ENZE here.

Marica Valente was granted the Best Paper Award 2021 by the Italian Association of Environmental Economics (IAERE)

Marica Valente won the IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award, a recognition given for her paper external page"Heterogeneous effects of waste pricing policies" presented at the Association's Annual Conference 2021. The Award rewarded the paper's new idea addressing key environmental and resource economic issues, unique dataset, and novel empirical strategy.


The Swiss Net Zero Target

We successfully held two workshops on the Swiss net zero target in 2020 and 2021, jointly organized with EAWAG and WSL. Numerous participants from different universities, research institutions and the government discussed the current state of research with regards to net zero carbon emissions. Read more here.

Lucas Bretschger in Tages Anzeiger

"Whoever is not ready, has lost": Lucas Bretschger's interview with Tages Anzeiger (Downloadpdf in German (PDF, 3.8 MB))

Lucas Bretschger gives a short interview about research, teaching and career opportunites at MTEC and RESEC. Watch video interview on our news page

Workshops and Conferences

Research Seminar

In collaboration with the Chair of Macroeconomics, Innovation and Policy, we organize a research seminar where internationally known researchers present their work.

Rohini Pande, Harvard University: Keynote Lecture EAERE 2016

Conferences, workshops and short courses organised by the Chair

We regularly organise conferences and workshops, such as the SURED conference and the EAERE-ETH European Winter School, as well as short lectures held by invited speakers.

Recent Publications

Borissov, Kirill and Lucas Bretschger (2022): external pageOptimal Carbon Policies in a Dynamic Heterogenous World, European Economic Review, in Press.

Borissov, Kirill, Lucas Bretschger, Aleksey Minabutdinov (2022): external pageThe capital tax paradox in a greening economy, International Economics and Economic Policy, in Press.

Bingler, J. A., Kraus, M., Leippold, M. & Webersinke, N. (2022): external pageCheap talk and cherry-picking: What climatebert has to say on corporate climate risk disclosures. Finance Research Letters, in Press.

Bingler and Colesanti Senni (2022): Taming the Green Swan: external pagea criteria-based analysis to improve the understanding of climate-related financial risk assessment tools. Climate Policy, Vol 22 issue 3.

Bretschger, Lucas and Susanne Soretz (2021): external pageStranded Assets: How Policy Uncertainty affects Capital, Growth, and the Environment, Environmental and Resource Economics, in Press.

Ilić, Dragan and Mollet, Janick Christian (2021): external pageVoluntary corporate climate initiatives and regulatory threat, International Economics and Economic Policy,

Bretschger, Lucas (2021): external pageGetting the Costs of Environmental Protection Right: Why Climate Policy is Inexpensive in the End, Ecological Economics, 188, 107116,

Jo, Ara (2021): external pageCulture and Compliance: Evidence from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Journal of Law and Economics. 64:1, 181-205

Bretschger, Lucas (2020): external pageMalthus in the Light of Climate Change, European Economic Review, 127, 103477,

Bretschger, Lucas and Karen Pittel (2020): external pageTwenty Key Challenges in Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, 77: 725–750.

Bretschger, Lucas, Elise Grieg, Paul Welfens, Tian Xiong (2020): external pageCOVID-​19 Infections and Fatalities Developments: Empirical Evidence for OECD Countries and Newly Industrialized Economies, International Economics and Economic Policy, 17: 801–847.


Here is a full list of publications of RESEC


The Chair offers bachelor, master and PhD courses. Interested students can write their seminar, bachelor and master theses at the chair, more information on topics can be found here.

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